Finally a database that evolves as fast as your application


Migration from your existing system is painless since OpenQM has close compatibility with other major MultiValue products


Applications are developed using QMBasic—an easy-to-learn programming language that provides powerful data manipulation operations


MultiValue is well established as a proven technology that can handle big data and the complexity of today’s applications


OpenQM scales from single user systems to those running very large user communities

  • We have used QM for over 7 years now and during that time we have encountered a great number of enhancements and a level of support that, quite frankly, I’ve never seen the equal of with other multi-valued database vendors. The stability of the QM database is such that it is something that we no longer even think about.  It just works. Thank you for a product that has become one of the most reliable software components in the delivery of business functions for our company.

    James Woods
    Applied Concepts Inc
  • “I have always been basically a D3 guy, but after loading and playing with QM for a bit, all I can say is WOW! It is really, really nice and exactly what I have been looking for these last few years!”

    Wayne Miller
    Miller Data
  • “I keep asking myself, Why would anyone buy anything else? You’ve got a great product, and it beats the others hands down, in my opinion, not to mention it costs way less.”

    Steve Alexander
    ENG Resources, Inc.
  • “I’ve been using QM for a law firm package originally written for R83. I’ve been extremely impressed with the efficiency and stability of the product as well as the tremendous support. QM is a really great product.”

    Mel Maresh
    Kain & Reedy, PC
  • “After looking in the multi-valued marketplace for a contemporary platform, we recently transitioned over 100,000 programs to run on QM. We found QM to be a solid and reliable development that made our transition easier than anticipated.”

    Ethan Crawford
    Information Capital

Raise Your Expectations with OpenQM

QpenQM is a high-performance, self-tuning database with an extremely efficient footprint. At less than half the price of comparable databases, OpenQM comes bundled with AccuTerm and provides incredible value for MultiValue resellers and end users alike. Auto-sizing of database files, object oriented programming, class and exception handling, simplified web development and more can be yours with a move to OpenQM. Let Zumasys Software Development team help you make the move to OpenQM today!

Our Partners

We are pleased to feature our partners who enhance OpenQM with their third-party application development tools and solutions.

Maverick Systems
Pavuk Systems
Nebula R&D
Stage7 Software Systems
Sysmark Information Systems
DSI Solutions
Revelation Software
Pick Cloud

Dedicated MultiValue Database Support Team

Peter Falson
Dan Ell
Daniel Klein
Mike Street
Martin Phillips

Author of OpenQM